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Must-Have Accessories for the Adventurous Photographer

I love shooting landscapes.I don’t, however, love how the weather and terrain can wreak havoc on my gear (and me too!).That’s why I’ve built up a collection of pretty awesome gear over the years that’s durable, functional, and helps me get the job done faster and more comfortably.What are my favorite gadgets, you ask?Read on to find out!

Carrying Capacity: The Adventurer’s Camera Bag

When it comes to the camera bag you choose for your adventures, you want something that’s well-built to stand up to the rigors of your adventures, but you want something that you can carry comfortably as well.You also want a bag that will keep your gear nicely organized while also offering it the ultimate in protection so you’re sure your gear makes it back home in the same condition it was when you left.That means picking up a bag that offers a lot of bang for the buck, like the Holdfast Fundy Streetwise Bag.

Though this bag was designed for urban adventures, I’ve found that it’s great for my adventures out in the great wild landscapes.It was designed specifically for mirrorless cameras, which is great for me since I shoot with a Sony a6300.It’s a small bag, so it doesn’t get in my way when I’m scrambling over rocks or hiking up mountains, but it offers tons of space for all my necessities.I can carry a camera body a couple of lenses, and accessories like filters, extra batteries, extra memory cards, and my phone with ease.

Charging Up: The Adventurer’s Power Source

I certainly don’t take my laptop with me on every landscape photography adventure, but when it’s an extended trip, and I’ll need some juice for my laptop and other gadgets, the Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit is tough to beat.

It’s got two high-speed smart USB ports to charge my phone and my tablet, a 12V port for a light, a port to charge my laptop, and even a detachable AC inverter to charge my camera batteries.

The Sherpa offers three different ways of charging all my gear, too: solar panels, a wall outlet, or a car’s 12V outlet.

That means that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I’ll be able to charge the Sherpa, and it’ll be ready to go to charge my power-hungry camera gear

Backing Up: The Adventurer’s Hard Drive

Of course, it doesn’t much matter what you carry your gear in or if you can power up your gear if you don’t have a means of ensuring that the images you take are safely backed up.The LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C SSD Hard Drive is tough to beat for just that purpose.It offers USB-C connectivity so that you can connect virtually anything to it.It’s bus powered, so it’s totally mobile, allowing you to backup your images on top of a mountain, should the need arise.

This thing is also built like a tank if you couldn’t surmise that from the images above.It’s shock, dust, and water resistant, so no matter the weather or the shooting conditions, it will be ready and willing to work for you.It helps that it’s fluorescent orange, too, so you can easily see it should you accidentally leave it behind.The Thunderbolt speeds of up to 510MB/second aren’t bad, either!

Wrapping It Up

I have a lot of other favorite gear that I like to use for my adventures, but it would be a really long article if I gave an overview of them all.Besides, the items I’ve outlined here are among my favorites because they allow me to carry my stuff safely, charge up all my battery-powered items even when I’m nowhere near an outlet, and backup all the images I take when I’m out adventuring.They say that the gear doesn’t make the picture, you do.And though I wholeheartedly agree with that statement, you also need to be prepared for whatever adventures await.Sometimes that means getting top-notch gear to make your adventures more comfortable, efficient, and ultimately, successful, too!