Flawless: Post Up a Stylish DIY Corkboard

Flawless: Post Up a Stylish DIY Corkboard

Craving a quick and inexpensive way to organize your space? Then making your own stylish DIY corkboard may just be the thing you need. Check it out!

Craft a budget-friendly custom pin board to perfectly organize papers, photos and reminders in style. With basic supplies and a little time, you’ll be able to make a stylish DIY corkboard that’s perfectly tailored to your needs and your home. Now, roll up your sleeves and transform your plain cork board into something fabulous.

I’ll be honest: I try really hard to keep a tidy house, but my right-brained self struggles with it. I do have the best intentions, but thank goodness for my left-brained husband. He is great at getting rid of the clutter and running a tight ship. This is a quality I wish I had.

That’s why I decided to turn a plain Jane corkboard into a work of art. I’m going to use this as inspiration to help me stay organized and tack my to-do lists on. It’s going to work, right?

Materials needed:

-Corkboard (you can choose a framed or unframed one, or better yet, use one you already have)
-Mini paint roller
-Foam brush (not shown; I realized I needed this afterward)
-Stencil brush
-Stencil cream
-Painter’s tape
-White craft paint


Step 1:

Cover your frame with painter’s tape. Note: If you have a plain corkboard with a wooden frame you’d like to paint, do this first and then follow the instructions as directed.

Step 2:

Paint your corkboard. I found the mini roller makes things a lot quicker when you’re doing large surfaces in one color. If you don’t have one, you can use a foam brush. At this point, I realized the mini roller doesn’t go all the way to the edges of the corkboard, so I used a foam brush to get into the edges. I then used the mini roller again to blend in the strokes. Let dry.

Step 3:

Use your ruler and thin painter’s tape to create 1” diagonal lines on your corkboard. The top point should be the center of the cork board.

Step 4:

Use your stencil cream to paint in between the tape lines. Let dry. (This is the first time I worked with stencil cream. It’s a bit thicker than regular paint and doesn’t glide as smooth as paint. Also, there wasn’t much of it. I had exactly enough stencil cream for this project.)

Step 5:

Peel away the tape. Make more 1” diagonal lines with the painter’s tape on the opposite side of the corkboard.

Step 6:

Paint the second side of the corkboard with your gold stencil cream. Let dry.

Step 7:

Peel away the tape and then create more 1” diagonal tape lines on the edges of the design.

Step 8:

Paint the rest of the cork board in between the tape lines. Let dry.

That’s it! Peel off your tape and you’ve got a beautiful way to stay organized! Good luck!