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Learn How to Shoot Water Reflections in 5 E...

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Here’s just something about a water reflection photo that I really enjoy.I can’t decide if it’s the calmness of it or the symmetry. Maybe it’s

Must-Have Accessories for the Adventurous P...

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I love shooting landscapes.I don’t, however, love how the weather and terrain can wreak havoc on my gear (and me too!).That’s why I’ve built up

Tips for Better Cityscape Photos

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Living in L.A., the most frequent landscapes I see are of the urban variety.And though driving along the 405 doesn’t afford me the same views

Must-Have Tips for Landscape Photography Wi...

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Ten years ago, I don’t think any of us would have dreamt that today we’d be talking about taking high-quality landscape photos with our phones.But

A Step-By-Step Guide for Sunrise Photos

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Ask any landscape photographer, and they’ll tell you that some of the most dramatic scenes they’ve ever photographed have occurred at sunrise.But simply getting up

How to Add Drama to Your Landscape Photos

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You see epic photos of landscapes online and in magazines and wish that your photos had the same kind of impact.The problem is, you don’t

How to Take Your Landscape Photos to the Ne...

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One look at places like Flickr and Instagram, and you’ll see a lot of really bad landscape photos.But if you look hard enough, you’ll also

How to Make It In Landscape Photography

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When you think about landscape photography, you might just think of pretty pictures of pretty places hanging on the wall.But the reality is that there